The Awakened Entrepreneur

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The Awakened Entrepreneur

“When we connect with the head, transactions happen, when we connect with the heart, transformation happens” – Ganesh Kohli, Founder – The Aha Movement

Awakened Entrepreneurs tread a non-traditional path, driven by a goal that is beyond personal wealth creation. At The Aha Movement, our goal is to nurture and create entrepreneurs who engage in mindful leadership, thus leading their business with a fine balance of conventional business norms as well as spiritual principles. When these principles are applied in alignment with each other, peace, happiness and abundance start to show up in life. According to the Harvard Business Review, mindfulness is not a luxury for business leaders, but a ‘must have’.


Are you in a business that gives you both inner peace and abundance in life?

Wondering if that’s even possible?

Yes, it really is possible. We offer you an opportunity to have it all in your life through The Awakened Entrepreneur Workshop. This workshop is designed to hone the entrepreneurial skills of participants and groom them to lead conscious businesses attached to a purpose. It empowers them to create a company which is based on the principles of knowing thyself, collaboration & compassion. The journey, however, requires significant unlearning of traditional beliefs and ideas. The Aha Movement facilitates this journey by bringing about a seamless synthesis of the entrepreneur’s “mind” and “heart”.

Learn what it takes to be The Awakened Entrepreneur and stand out from the crowd.

  • Aspiring and young Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Business owners or anyone who wishes to venture in entrepreneurship and be his/ her own boss
  • Professionals who lead teams

  • Uplift the happiness Quotient at your workplace
  • Understand the organization as a conscious collective
  • Manifest your business vision using ‘The Aha Sutras’
  • Aspire and inspire for collective growth
  • Cultivate leadership as a virtue in your employees
  • Consciously collaborate with stakeholders to realize business goals
  • Resolve conflicts at the workplace for conscious evolution
  • Create sustainable wealth for yourself and your team
  • Inner peace and outer abundance
  • Motivation to exceed expectations
  • Make every workday a ‘HOLI’ day