The Movement

An Aha! Moment is a moment of sudden insight, awakening, realisation or inspiration, which makes the life’s journey meaningful.

Our Research
What brings Aha! in your life?
We surveyed hundreds of individuals from different walks of life from homemakers to entrepreneurs, to CEOs of organisations to teachers and working professionals, about what brings a sense of Aha in their lives. Almost 95% of the responses fell into three broad categories:
  • When they feel deep peace, either during meditation or in a place of nature
  • When their understanding and wisdom grows, especially while sharing with others
At work
  • When they are able to innovate and be creative
  • When they feel aligned with their purpose and are able to inspire or serve others
  • When their contribution is valued and they are able to bring about abundance in their life and of those around
In relationships
  • When they have loving and harmonious relationships
  • When they are able to be authentic and compassionate with themselves and others, especially in challenging situations
  • When they are able to have a heart-to-heart talk with others
When was your last Aha! Moment?
In everyday life, moments of enhanced positivity, effortless living, inner peace and outer abundance are rare. Our research shows that people experience an Aha Moment, no more than once a week or most cases no more than once in a month.

Present Scenario
The reason for the rare occurrence of ‘Aha Moments’ can be tied to the fact that our current ecosystem encourages comparisons and unhealthy competition; completely ignoring the fundamental truth that we are all unique yet interconnected beings. Also, the mode of living is more fear-based than love-based.

Solution – The Aha Movement
The Aha Movement seeks to alter this paradigm from fear-based living to love-based living, and encouraging the creation of a society where vulnerability is valued and authentic living is appreciated.
This movement is the result of several “Aha Moments’’ experienced by individuals who found inner peace and outer abundance through applied spiritual practices and principles. Here, we are committed to empower and inspire individuals so that they can experience Aha moments more consistently in their everyday life. The Aha way of life helps entrepreneurs, organisations, schools, and individuals find a way to not just exist, but thrive by realising their full potential through the journey of self-awareness.
Our varied set of offerings aid holistic growth and include workshops, coaching, and consulting programs for companies, young entrepreneurs, individuals, families, schools, and institutions.

the movement

  • for entrepreneurs

    Lead business with the fine balance of physical and spiritual principles

  • for organisations

    Support the holistic evolution of your business, people and the planet

  • for schools

    Inspire teachers and administrators to deliver at their full potential, helping create peaceful and joyous students

  • for individuals
    & families

    Reconnect with your true self and uncover your higher purpose to live a joyous life

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