Sacred Breath

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Sacred Breath


Breath is the elixir for life. Our relationship with our breath is one of our most vital relationships. Our breath binds us to our life force. Breath is the bridge between the visible and invisible, the physical and the non-physical, the infinite and the finite, the eternal and the transitory. It is our primary source of nourishment and has the power to eliminate everything that is unwanted: be it unwanted toxins, unwanted thoughts or undesired emotions.

In Sacred Breath workshops, this accumulated unwanted material is ‘breathed’ out over a period of sessions, in a safe and controlled environment, connecting us back to our divine nature.

Have you ever closely observed your breathing? While we think it is perfectly fine as long as one is breathing, we never pay heed to it. The breathing that we do is unconscious and usually restricted.

The stresses, strains, and traumas of ordinary daily existence in the process of working and living tend to inhibit our breathing ability. These human traumas disconnect us from our natural divine nature. Those inhibitors of our natural state of bliss make us forget who we truly are and create self-defensive mechanisms and over-compensations. This modality is particularly very effective in letting go of Birth Trauma.

This workshop helps in healing energy blocks through conscious connected breaths. This specific technique of breathing was developed and practised by many immortal yogis over thousands of years and was further brought to the world by a great master – Leonard Orr. Breathing floods the body with ‘prana’ and cleanses our Emotional Energy Pollution (EEP), helping us to feel whole.

  • Anyone who is seeking inner transformation and spiritual growth
  • Anyone who is looking to let go of birth trauma
  • Anyone looking to let go of subconscious blockages
  • Anyone looking for more vitality and bliss in life
  • Young Adults
  • Parents
  • Housewives
  • Healers
  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Counsellors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Psychologists
  • Understand the art and science of breathing
  • Understand how physical and mental trauma affects us in long-term
  • Learn to reprogram your subconscious with simple yet powerful breathing techniques
  • Learn how to correct restrictive breathing patterns
  • Clear the energy blocks affecting your physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  • Gain tools to manage stress and actively participate in your own healing through correct breathing
  • Learn techniques for increasing your energy levels and sense of well-being