Consciousness Heals

The Club

Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047

28th & 29th September 2024
Cost: INR 15,000

Most medical doctors are more interested in labelling the symptoms, calling it a diagnosis, and then using drugs, surgery, or radiation to suppress these symptoms. In most cases, this may be achieved, but if the causes of these symptoms are still present, then itis only a matter of time before further symptoms appear that are worse than the initial ones. We also have a series of side effects often leading to a situation where the cure is worse than the illness! Over time this process leads to further deterioration and degeneration, and the illness becomes more chronic.

There should be some logic to approaching any type of chronic disease whether it is chronic migraines or cancer. Most people agree that it is important to identify and eliminate theCAUSES of the disease, before making any attempt to treat it. However, this is generally not what is done.

Take the analogy of a Gardner looking at his sick apple tree with yellow leaves and thinking about what todo. If the Gardner grabs a pair of scissors and cuts off the yellow leaves, the chances are that the following month the tree will produce even more yellow leaves. The logical approach would be for the gardener to ask himself why the tree has sprouted yellow leaves and begin identifying the root causes: soil deficiencies, fungus in the root, parasite infestation, toxic soil, and so forth. Once these causes are identified and eliminated, then the tree will drop its yellow leaves and become healthy again.

In this life-changing workshop, you will explore the roots of all illnesses and learn to understand the power of your consciousness, which enables real healing to take place.


  • Understanding what your Body speaks, and learning to communicate with your body cells. Our bodies never lie. They always tell us the truth about what we are feeling and thinking.
  • How limiting beliefs can bring on ill-health
  • Relationship between poor beliefs and poor health
  • Importance of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-approval for good health
  • Understanding Mind-Body Connections and dissolving the mental and emotional blocks to create a healthy body
  • Tuning in into inner reality as the real/true means to health
  • How healing takes place at many different levels of consciousness
  • Voice Dialogue Process – looking for the self behind the symptom
  • The way towards health is simplicity itself



This is a very EMPOWERING and WISDOM-based workshop arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions were designed to bring about a transformation in your life.

The special feature in this workshop is audio-video multimedia presentations. This is a two-day workshop, which includes many practical sessions.



There is no prerequisite for attending thisWorkshop.

Those who are 15 years or above,and would like to:

  • Learn from Illness
  • Understand Mind-Body Connections
  • Understand why they are not able to heal themselves
  • Achieve Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, & Spiritual Health

  • Learn Self-Healing tools 
  • Activate the Life force within you
  • Let go of limiting beliefs regarding health and vitality
  • Clear the mental & emotional blocks, thus creating health and vitality