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Branching out doesn’t change belonging to the same soil- A tryst with Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing

Illustrious healers Hitesh Vashisht and Shubhangi Sharma changed the lives of those present at the Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing workshop in Bangalore, organised by Pragya Living Wisdom Centre.
Our exceptional therapists Hitesh Vashisht and Shubhangi Sharma conducted a two-day workshop on Family Constellation on the 18th and 19th of February, 2017 in Bangalore at Pragya Living Wisdom Centre. Heart-wrenching stories were shared as the attendees instilled their faith in Hitesh and Shubhangi, while the young, passionate duo took very special care in ensuring that the delicate nature of this therapy would be made to have an optimum effect on the attendees, thus helping them find a tool to liberate themselves while pursuing harmony in the family. Many family patterns including unhappiness, blind-love, childhood trauma, schizophrenia were dealt with. Of course, this pursuit was impossible without the selfless support from Jayashree, B. Ashok, Kapila and the whole of Pragya team.

A rendezvous with Awakened Entrepreneurship

Eminent life coaches, Ganesh Kohli and Hitesh Vashisht help budding entrepreneurs and working professionals carve their own path to Awakened Entrepreneurship, where happiness coexists with abundance

A group of people hailing from a spectrum of professions and interests found a ground to come together and rediscover themselves on the unsuspecting weekend of the 18th and 19th of March, 2017 at The Club, Mumbai. A penchant for acquiring lasting abundance without compromising on enduring happiness found these individuals at the receiving end of the Awakened Entrepreneur workshop conducted by The Aha Movement’s renowned life coaches and healers, Ganesh Kohli and Hitesh Vashisht. Ganesh in his atypical style of grace touched the hearts of the attendees as he imparted the value and mechanism of inculcating Effortlessness in the approach towards not just organisations but one’s lifestyle as well. The bunch of aspiring seekers of the awakened path found solace as he reaffirmed – “ The Universe will never land you in a place that you don’t belong in”. Hitesh Vashisht’s quirky methods of reading the minds of all the workshop takers while echoing and addressing their concerns on working on the myriad drawbacks that they’ve faced through the course of time left them feeling awe-inspired. As he explained the joy of replacing the feeling of Competition ingrained in our subconscious and conscious minds with Collaboration, the attendees resonated passionately as he left them with the thought- “See your business and organisation as an energy. And therefore, more you transform the invisible, the more will the visible change”

As those who were a part of this soul-searching two-day affair became a part of The Aha Family, never to part ways again, The Aha Movement prides itself in aiding the path for people to get rid of the ‘New School’ and ‘Old School’ of thought. If transience is the rule of the world, we at The Aha Movement firmly believe that peace must be made to remain unchanged. An entrepreneur ensures that he receives the best that the world has to offer to him; an awakened entrepreneur knows that the more you give, the more you become.

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Body & mind

What's a lean body without a healthy mind? Experts extol the benefits of a positive state of mind which impacts the body. Transcendental meditation, white light meditation, and inner child sessions are popular ways to clear emotions like fear, stress, and sorrow. "The mind affects every single organ and part of the body so mental disturbances often translate into ailments," says Dr. Preeti Kohli, 40, co-founder of the Aha Movement that works with corporates and schools to help people live with mindfulness.

Long-term Gains: "If you focus on the feelings and sensations associated with every activity, even if it is about eating chocolate with more mindfulness, you enjoy every moment. This in the long term, keeps you away from physical ailments because the mind is closely connected to the body," she says. Kohli, a homeopathy practitioner, conducts weekly meditation sessions and workshops for children and adults on inner child healing, rebirthing, family constellations, and new moon meditations.

- Aditi Pai
(January 25, 2018)

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The Aha Movement at the 6th Past Life Regression Conference 2018

We were honoured and privileged to be one of the supporting organisations for the 6th Past Life Regression Conference (PLRC) in December 2018, at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai. Team Aha along with a few volunteers from the Mumbai Sangha played a pivotal role in leading, promoting, and managing the entire conference on behalf of Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi GV of the Proposed Quantum Life University in Hyderabad. With participation from over 250 attendees, the conference was very well received by everyone, including some of the world-renowned experts and pioneers in the field of spiritual science, alternative healing, and medicine.

The conference was also special for our transformational coaches, Dr. Preeti Kohli and Priya Khurana who were invited as speakers at PLRC6. Dr. Preeti Kohli presented a mini-workshop on the topic of ‘Sacred Feminine’ (a concept that recognises that source is beyond duality, it’s neither male nor female) something that she has been researching and working upon since the last couple of years, while Priya presented a research paper on the topic ‘Releasing from the Matrix’ (Transcending from the vicious web of Drama and Manipulation to the auspicious rhythm of Co-creation and Collaboration)

PLRC6 holds a very special place in all our hearts as it not only gave us an opportunity to serve our dear teachers and friends, Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi, but also for some wonderful insights and perspectives that it gave to each one of us.

Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists get a taste of Meditation & Mindful Living

It was not one of those regular workshops that we were used to facilitating. This was a special one for which our team flew down to Goa, as we were invited to the Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists’ Meet, where 15 of these artists from different cities of India had assembled for a retreat. These amazingly talented artists left us awestruck not only with the way they managed themselves but also with their zest for life.

Our co-founder, Dr. Preeti Kohli conducted a one-day workshop - I am WOW for these artists. The workshop touched upon topics like changing bad thoughts into good, believing and loving oneself, limiting beliefs and fears, emotional and self-mastery. The session was a mix of theory along with fun activities and guided meditations. As most of the artists had never meditated before, each one had a beautiful experience when they meditated. When we told them that a painter’s work in itself is a mindfulness activity and how being 100% with the painting perfects it, they understood the importance and benefits of living in the present moment in life too.

With this workshop, we hope they are able to enhance their artistry further and continue to live a joyous and peaceful life. As for us, this workshop will remain one of the special events for two reasons; one is because we had never done something like this before and the other is, it taught us so many things.

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