It's said that children are great imitators, so we must always give them something great to imitate. As parents, we all desire our children to have a healthy and happy life. At the same time, we wish the same for ourselves, but end up experiencing a contrasting reality. The behaviour of the child is largely shaped by how the care-giver/teacher responds to situations in real life, rather than what they preach. Hence, if we want to raise the children as well-rounded, balanced individuals, then we must first engage in authentic living.

Also, our current education practices are primarily focused on developing the left brain through logic, analytics and reasoning. Often the right side of the child’s brain which stores the intuitive and creative abilities is not nurtured enough. So, a whole brain approach needs to be encouraged for the child to realise his highest potential.

When the teacher is aware of the deep wisdom and tremendous potential within, she is able to effortlessly channelise the child’s energy to bring about holistic development. At the same time, conscious parents provide a balanced and nourishing foundation for the child’s growth, and they along with the teachers are instrumental in raising confident, centred and joyful children.

At The Aha Movement, our programs for schools are hence threefold – for students, teachers, and parents/care givers. We support them in the area of mindful living through various workshops, programs, and free soul science education only for students.

our offerings

The Aha Movement offers consulting for school leadership to transform and implement new age practices to resolve issues with attrition, conflicts, motivation and student outcomes among others. In addition, we also provide personal coaching for institutional leaders and individual sessions for teachers and administrators. For parents, we have a workshop titled ‘Conscious Parenting’ which is all about mindful parenting. You can even request workshops that are customized for a group, based on a need analysis conducted by our team.

our testimonials

  • “I’m very grateful to you for helping me see that Acceptance and Inclusion heal the deepest of hurts and releases us from painful bondage! The Family Constellation Workshop, opened up for me, areas I had disowned about myself and others. It has awakened in me a very deep reverence towards all My Family Tree Members and I’m thankful for being able to connect with each one of them every day!”

    - Ms. G.Lakshmi
  • “The two day workshop (1st and 2nd June) of Inner Child Healing with Hitesh and Shubhangi has been one of the best experiences of my life. Although I had been taking analysis sessions, this was entirely different. There was a warmth in the environment they created. They created all the space to let us speak freely to them and helped us in the best way to know our inner child. I never ever analysed myself and my life this well. This has brought in self-confidence and love for others. Although I still have a long way to go, I am happy to start it with this workshop. ”

    - Ms. Anu Goel
    Teacher, Delhi
  • “The faith in Shubhangi’s words to me breathed life into the very fibre of my being. Thank you, Hitesh, for reassuring me that I can retain my innocence. I will hold onto the words of wisdom imparted in my darkest hour. They mean the world to me.”

    - Ms. Tannya
    Student, Delhi

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