An organisation is defined as an entity comprising of multiple people who work towards a collective goal in association with an external environment. Simply put, an organisation is critical in harnessing the unique skill set that each individual has to offer for the socio-economic and cultural evolution of the society.

Organisations today are finding ways to grow the top and bottom lines of their balance sheets at any cost. With a single-minded focus, these organisations are not only affecting the planet and employee morale but also eroding the organisations' social quotient. In trying to create shareholder value and returns, employees today are overworked, stressed, dissatisfied and unhappy. The need of the hour is to move the focus away from increasing profit margins to becoming more people-centric. By bringing a focus on holistic, sustainable development, revenues can be achieved by marrying the three: profit, people, and the planet.

The Aha Movement shows the most holistic way for organisations to do so. Our programs are meant for businesses that focus on “what’s good for our world?” rather than “what’s good for me?”.

A survey showed that a 7-week mindfulness and meditation program in General Mills resulted in a 60% rise in the total number of participants who took time every day to optimise their productivity. While 80% of senior executives reported that they had improved their decision-making process after the course, 89% said they had become better listeners.

At The Aha Movement, a combination of pre-defined and customised workshops along with consulting sessions will enable organisations to maximise profit, as well as impact on the society.


Our consulting service help companies navigate and resolve a variety of challenges, including lack of growth, attrition and conflicts among others. The approach is embedded in applied spiritual principles and all consulting programs are customized based on organisational needs. Programs include personal coaching, group sessions, retreats and workshops based on our need analysis. This program not only deals with current challenges, but also helps create new opportunities - A paradigm shift towards joy and abundance.

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