A human life is a precious gift to be invested in experiencing, learning and sharing the inner and outer worlds. It is a must for each of us to participate mentally, emotionally and spiritually in this adventure called life.

Modern society, however, is challenged today with extensive unconscious behaviour. We have almost become numb, with limited or no sense of present moment awareness and are increasingly caught up in our mind stories. In India, 15 people commit suicide every hour and divorce rates are on the rise at an alarming rate. The need of the hour, thus, is to enhance the consciousness of individuals through established mindfulness practices (where we learn to respond rather than react) and coaching.

The Aha way of life utilises a variety of powerful modalities that can help every individual heal their current issues and/or create a meaningful life. These practices include Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression Therapy, Re-birthing Breath Work, Family Constellation and Trans-generational healing (a brief introduction to each practice is listed in the coaching/therapy section).


The Aha Movement helps gain clarity about your inner self, heal thyself, create nourishing relationships and live your life in entirety. Our varieties of powerful modalities and methods help you heal your current issues. These include:

Inner Child Work: Research says that a major part of human’s beliefs are developed by the age of seven. And if one has had a traumatic childhood, one tends to carry the anger, guilt, shame, and sadness within, irrespective of how much one has grown, physically and intellectually.
Regardless of our physical age, there is a child within each and every one of us. It is all loving, joyful, intelligent and innocent. We all were born with these traits but as we grew-up, the parental control, social pressure and conditioning adulterated us. We lost our connection with our Godlike self. As a result, in later years of our life, we struggle to live life joyfully.
We continue to live like this, until one day we choose to embrace our Inner Child.  This therapy will help you to reclaim your Inner Child and liberate you from the long standing emotional baggage.

Past Life Regression: Past Life Regression (PLR) is a holistic healing modality where the subject is guided through a deep relaxation process to the root cause of the memories associated with the issues being faced in current life. When an understanding for these memories is brought into awareness, it releases the energy block being held in our psyche and we liberate ourselves from the clutches of it. PLR further helps us understand that every experience is a conscious choice we make. And therefore, we can create a different reality by making a different choice in the ‘Now’. We visit our past not to live there but to learn from it and to live our present fully. PLR helps eliminate fears, phobias, addictions, repetitive patterns, self-sabotaging beliefs and health issues.

Rebirthing Breath work: Rebirthing Breath work is a powerful modality developed on the principal of conscious connected breath. This breathing technique helps us surpass our logical mind immediately, allowing us to access the unconscious. Deep rooted physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks can be healed through this healing approach.

Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing: As humans, there are patterns and traumas that we unconsciously inherit from our ancestors, be it illness, grief, painful relationships or wealth issues. Family Constellation is an insightful way to become aware of all the family drawn patterns, both hidden and repetitive, which act as a barrier in our evolution. When entanglements are resolved in a family tree, love flows naturally from previous generations to the present and future generations.

During a complimentary initial counseling session, our team creates a customized plan to meet your needs, suggesting which modality you should work with to heal your issues.

pre-session preparation

After initial meeting or telephonic conversation, the following are the best practices we suggest to prepare for a session:
1. Practice Ana-Pana-Sati Meditation daily before you come for the session. For more information on Ana-Pana-Sati Meditation, please refer the links below.
2. Follow a vegetarian diet
3. Have a light meal at least one hour prior to the session
4. Please be committed to the homework given by your coach. It helps to integrate the insights of sessions faster
5. Have a good night's sleep before the session

our testimonials

  • “Dr. Preeti Kohli is a friend, guide, an inspiration and most importantly- a facilitator. I have done extensive breathwork sessions with her. The best thing about her work is that it doesn’t seem like you are doing sessions. Her pre and post session discussions have given me deep insights on my inner self and guidance, to convert weaknesses to strengths. All of this happens with great comfort and ease.”

    - Ms. Sheetal
  • “Thank you for introducing me to the journey of self-acceptance. I went back home from your workshop feeling empowered, happy and content. Family Constellation is a great way to understand the importance of family in life. So many unknown paths have now opened up.”

    - Ms. Asawari
    Working individual, Pune
  • “As a client or patient, you want a patient ear and an open heart to communicate with. You want to know you are cared for and looked after with love and tenderness. In Dr. Preeti Kohli, I have found all of that and more. Her presence, over all aspects of therapy and medicine, has given me the confidence to heal. She has shown me I can heal, no matter what I am dealing with. From homeopathy to voice dialogue or a reiki session, Preeti has been leading me to the best healing experience. With her as my doctor & therapist, I choose not to have that apple a day.”

    - Ms. Pushtiie Shakti
  • “I entered the workshop fragmented, fearful & was aware of the hurt child…I left the workshop happy, healed and whole. I now have the ability to contribute to all my relationships in a loving, vibrant and wholesome way. ”

    - Ms. Sheena Guha
    Access Bar Practitioner, Delhi
  • “Dr. Preeti is a kind hearted person and very knowledgeable therapist. The healing that comes from experiencing past life memories was an invaluable improvement. Simply making connections between a past life and my current life is something I benefited from the most. There are very few words that can describe how much you helped. ”

    - Ms. Nidhi Vanigota
  • “Thank you for the beautiful learning experience. In spite of the fact that I belong to this Healing World, I feel strongly that my blockages regarding relationships will definitely start flowing. I had lots of resistance as I was running fever throughout. My experience with ancestors brought shivers down my spine. I am indebted to both of you for the experience and learning. I am now healing everyone including myself in my lineage.”

    - Ms. Anuradha
    Healer, Delhi
  • “Thank you for your support and healing, full of love and understanding. Just a little while ago, I was tired of life and was ready to accept death with open arms. But now I want to live life enthusiastically.”

    - Ms. Madhavi
    Workshop Leader, Pune
  • “I have known Dr. Preeti for about 3 years now and each time I see her I feel better even before the therapy begins- that's the effect she has as a therapist. She has worked on me multiple times with different therapies and they have always helped me tremendously. What I simply love about her is the amount of time she gives to understand your problems. She is flexible and helps you with therapies that you are comfortable with. She is extremely patient, approachable and understanding. I have to thank her for always helping me out. ”

    - Ms. Shruti Bafna
  • “I attended my first 'Family Constellation and Ancestor Healing' workshop in Pune. The workshop opened up a wonderful world to me for further exploration. At a practical level it made me a more balanced person by making me accept a part of my family that I had blocked out from my conscious thoughts due to separation of my parents early in my life. I express my gratitude to the facilitators for their guidance.”

    - Mr. Rajendra
  • “Thank you for the two-day workshop on Inner Child Healing. There are a lot of things that are changing in my perspective towards different people, different situations, and above all the urge to keep my inner child happy at all times.”

    - Ms. Sarabjeet
    Marketing Professional & Healer, Delhi
  • “Thank you for guiding me and making me comfortable during the session. Found some very interesting revelations. Loved re-discovering myself.”

    - Ms. Nidhi Seth
    Communications Professional, Gurgaon
  • “I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your compassionate and clinical healing sessions. Only a selfless and loving individual can invest so much time and effort in helping others discover their innermost peace. I benefited greatly from the journey within myself. I thank the facilitator for being a charioteer in my hour of need.”

    - Mr. Deep Ghatak
    Author & Communications Professional, Delhi
  • “Doctors have the capacity to heal the body, psychologists to guide our minds & healers to connect us with our souls. Dr Preeti is a rare healer who has the gift and expertise to do all three. I was going through a difficult phase in my life due to my separation, and she helped me to come to peace with feminine energy and let go of my guilt. I am grateful for all the Thursday evenings when she welcomed me into her Sangha, to participate in the beautiful, healing energy; as well as to the homeopathic medicines which helped me to recover from stomach ailments and joint issues. ”

    - Aalif Surti
    Ex-CCO, Fox Star Studios
  • “The Inner child workshop has helped me to realise my emotional baggage. Thanks to Priya and Preeti for the wonderful inner child healing. This workshop has really helped to forgive and unburden my emotional health. And I was very lucky to have such positive people and environment during the sessions.”

    - Simmi Mishra
    Counselor & Life Skills Trainer
  • “I attended the Inner Child Healing Workshop conducted by Ms Priya and Dr Preeti. Due to life circumstances, negativity had started planting seeds within me. This workshop helped me in my efforts to uproot these plants. After the workshop, I have started tuning my mind to start thinking positive. And this was very evident as my son too commented about my positive approach towards various situations. Attending the workshop has helped in getting some insight on various aspects and changing myself for the better. It was a wonderful experience. ”

    - Mahalaxmi
    Volunteer, The Kanchan Foundation
  • “The Aha movement has helped me bring inner peace and mindfulness. I have started to enjoy every moment of my life. It’s because of them I know the importance of meditation and I have started practicing it on a daily basis. I wish that Aha reaches out to as many as possible and help them live the life they are meant to.”

    - Vineet Kamath
  • “'Manifest Your Dreams' workshop has changed my life and perspectives in many ways. It has taught me the importance of having a purpose in life and working towards a goal. The workshop explains in detail the magic of our thoughts. It helps you believe in yourself and makes one realize that only we are responsible for everything that happens in our life. The best part of the workshop was the science behind meditation. It explains why meditation is the key to a happy life with scientific analysis. It was a wonderful experience and I would like to recommend this workshop to all the individuals who feel lost in their life or who are looking for a purpose. ”

    - Tanvi Kamdar
    Communications Professional

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