Entrepreneurs are a vital ingredient for a flourishing society, infusing the economy with excitement and enthusiasm by pushing beyond the limits and create something new. Traditional businesses have brought us to a point where we are often consumed by unhealthy competition amounting to envy, anger, stress, and leading to an aggressive, corrupt and unequal society. The need of the hour is a sustainable business with happy stakeholders, employees, and customers. We need to realise that as entrepreneurs, our journey is not limited to profit maximisation, but should focus on holistic growth that includes giving back to the society.

The Awakened Entrepreneurs tread a non-traditional path, driven by a goal that is beyond personal wealth creation. At The Aha Movement, our goal is to nurture and create entrepreneurs who engage in mindful leadership, thus leading their business with a fine balance of conventional business norms and spiritual principles. When these principles are applied in alignment with each other, peace, happiness and abundance start to show up in life. According to the Harvard Business Review, Mindfulness is not a luxury for business leaders, but a ‘must have’.

The journey, however, requires significant unlearning of traditional beliefs and ideas. The Aha Movement facilitates this journey by bringing about a seamless synthesis of the entrepreneur's “mind” and “heart”.

young entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneur program is for entrepreneurial
ventures that are typically less than 10 years old and
looking for organic growth.
As a consulting program, it entails dealing with current issues,
challenges and conflicts through applied spiritual principles.
The young entrepreneurs can engage from anywhere between two months
and three years or longer - based on your growth aspirations and successes.

aspiring entrepreneurs

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs is a program for budding
entrepreneurs to ideate, set up and create businesses.
From day one, the program involves coaching, consulting,
analysis and guidance till the business reaches profitability.
The entrepreneurs can engage for anywhere between one year
and five years or longer- based on your growth aspirations and successes.

our testimonials

  • “The facilitators were divine beings who are helping people in a big way. They conduct workshops (and individual sessions) which are a perfect blend of scientific and spiritual healing processes. We (my wife and I) have participated in multiple workshops like Inner Child Healing, Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing and have felt a huge difference in our outlook towards life. We also feel that they unleash a source of energy and strength that stays within us.”

    - Mr. Sameer Duseja
    Head of Service Operations, Orange
  • “It was one of the most beautiful workshops I have attended in a long time. The learning was profound and very touching. My favourite learning is that one always starts afresh. The wisdom is a continuous process and every day is a new day. I am already seeing my abilities expand by believing that I come from love and acceptance. Thank you for your love.”

    - Ms. Nandini Nhawle
    Entrepreneur, Bangalore
  • “It indeed was a life shaking experience for me personally. I got present to my own belief system and how my fear based decisions were actually manifesting into reality! Amongst many extremely important and vital concepts I also learned to dream fearlessly and declare them through my words. Some of the stories shared were extremely powerful. I am proud to be part of the first batch of the Aha family and I wish all the very best to the entire team of The Aha family. They have improved life of many people and helped in bringing peace and harmony to humankind.”

    - Malay Damania
    Damania & Varaiya, Chartered Accountants - India

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