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Ghatkopar - 203-204, Manratna Business Park, Opp. Food Spot, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar-East, Mumbai

Kharghar - A1504, Ashoka Residency, Sec 12, Plot no.3, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
Facilitator :
Ganesh Kohli
Dr. Preeti Kohli
Priya Khurana

This program helps the participant to realize and manifest the life they truly desire and are here to create. The program helps in eradicating mental blocks, if any, which can prevent them from being effective and generating abundance. It also helps them imbibe practical habits which will help them to manifest their highest potential.

This is an 8 weeks program with 2 hrs session every week. Each theme-based session will contain a mix of guided meditations, interactive discussions, games/activities, applied mindfulness practices and empowering tools and techniques.

Program Content:

Week 1: Science behind change - Part 1

Week 2: Science behind change - Part 2

Week 3: The four-step manifestation process

Week 4: Learning to create mindfully

Week 5: Universal laws and affirmations

Week 6: Choice and responsibility

Week 7: Creating from gratitude

Week 8: Maximising time and resources to realise goals

Duration: A total of 8 weeks with a 2 hr session each week

Kharghar - New batch to be announced
Ghatkopar - New batch to be announced


1. What is the Youth Program about?

THE YOUTH PROGRAM is about how we can manage our lives, our emotions, our mind and our relationships better, and thrive in all facets of life, be it personally or professionally. The programs under this series empower you to create a life that you desire and are not able to, due to various circumstances or challenges. The techniques and processes used in the programs are simple, fun and learning based, and most importantly backed by scientific research and universal laws.

2. In what areas of my life will I feel the effects?

We have two programs which will help you hone your professional attitude, to be a leader and to become resilient to change. They are ‘Converting Challenges into Stepping Stones’ and ‘Manifest your Dreams’. However, the same programs are also very well received by homemakers to bring the change that they want in their lives and create their dream home. Another program is about Emotional Mastery where you will learn about working with your anger-based or fear-based emotions. The fourth program is about collaborating, co-operating and working with people while growing as a team, be it a professional team or with your family. You will also learn to build more fulfilling, joyous and harmonious relationships in your lives. So, our programs cover pretty much all aspects of life, however ‘Manifest your Dreams’ is about creating the reality that you desire and dream of.


3. I am a student. How will this help me?
The program will help you to not get bogged down by minor setbacks (if any) and help you to manifest the life you want to live – the bigger dreams that you have. It will help you to be a master of your mind, so as to use the mind power effectively rather than giving into temptations and short-term pleasures of the mind which drive our lives unknowingly. 

4. I am a working professional with 3 years of experience. How will this help me?

Yes, this program is also for young professionals who want to excel in their professions, lead with confidence and be effective in the work they do. It helps them reflect on what holds them back and how can they move past it. This is a very practical based program which will help you to achieve the growth you wish to or make a shift in your career as per your desire.

5. I want to be an Entrepreneur. How will this program help me?

It will help you to start your business with an abundant mindset and maximize your time and resources required to create what you want to. It will also enable you to be perseverant towards your goals, be consistently self-driven and be a leader, all of which make up for an excellent entrepreneur. Apart from this program, we also have a two-day Awakened Entrepreneur workshop which you could look at.


6. I am a Homemaker who is recently married. Is this program for me?

Most definitely. Dreams are a part of us whether we contribute to our work and services outside our home or inside. As a homemaker, you have a dream which could be to have harmonious relationships or being a home-based entrepreneur or it could be to transform your house into a palace. Whatever your dreams are, this program can help you to pursue and manifest them while keeping the bigger picture in mind.  

Event Coordinator: Priya - 9022030777; Prathamesh - 9167255438

who can participate

  • Students
  • Young Professionals

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