Workshop details

14, 15 Mar ‘20


9.00 am to 6.00 pm
2 days
The Club
DN Nagar, Andheri West,
Facilitator :
Dr. Preeti Kohli

What is Past Life Regression (PLR)?

Whenever we go through an intense experience, the mind and body store it in our psyche. Unknown to us, these “memories” colour the way we view our current life – ourselves, our relationships, and our worldview.

Regression is a tool used by psychiatrists and spiritual scientists alike to help us revisit our past (childhood/foetal stage) and unearth the root cause of issues that are currently interfering with our everyday lives.

Spiritual scientists take it to the next level, by helping us revisit our past lives with the intent of resolving underlying issues that prevent us from living “completely” in our current life. PLR helps strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection more profoundly, allowing for increased awareness and liberation in daily life.

What is the workshop about?

As an intellectual being, there’s a lot of self-questioning that happens within. Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

• Why am I experiencing repetitive (event/behavioural) patterns in life, like betrayal, shame, mistrust, broken relationships, etc.
• Why have I attracted chronic diseases or health issues?
• Why am I born with specific likes, dislikes, preferences etc.?
• Why am I attracted towards a particular place or culture of which I have never been a part of in my current life?
• Why are some relationships very painful?
• What is my Life Purpose? Why am I here on Earth?

The answers to all the above questions can be found through Past Life Regression (PLR).

Our past may be over, but in our current life, we still carry the imprints of good and bad memories. These memories are stored in our cellular body in the form of an emotion, a health issue, a repeating pattern or an unfinished lesson. PLR is a beautiful way to clear the negative imprints in order to lead a wise & complete life.

This two-day workshop will help you to explore your past life memories relating to the issues being faced in areas of self-growth, relationships, health, money, career, and many more. The workshop features many intuitive and extrasensory perception processes that help in deepening one’s realisation that we are much more than the physical body.

Who is your guide?

Dr. Preeti Kohli

A renowned homoeopath, therapist, and a trained facilitator in the field of alternative therapies by world-renowned masters, Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi GV of Proposed Quantum Life University, Hyderabad. Having benefitted from this therapy immensely, Dr. Preeti is someone who has experienced immense transformation in her life with this therapy. She has also conducted several workshops in the past and has helped transform a thousand lives through different healing therapies.

Investment: Rs. 9,000 | Early bird discounted cost: Rs. 8,000 (until 29th February 2020). The cost includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee, and workshop material for two days.


This workshop is conducted in association with the Proposed Quantum Life University (Hyderabad), founded by Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi GV. This workshop will be delivered in English. For more information regarding this workshop, please visit:

Event Coordinator: Prathamesh

who can participate

  • Young Adults
  • Working Professionals
  • Housewives
  • Retired Individuals

expected outcome

  • Understand Spiritual Science and Laws of the Universe 1
  • Discover the root cause of problems being faced in your present life in the areas of personal evolution, relationships, career, health, wealth 2
  • Attain healing at all levels - Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual 3
  • Develop your intuitive faculty 4
  • Helps you in your quest for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth5


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