Workshop details

18, 19 Jul ‘20


9.00 am to 6.00 pm
2 days
The Club
DN Nagar, Andheri West,
Facilitator :
Dr. Preeti & Ganesh Kohli

What is the workshop about?

It has been studied and found that one’s childhood shapes the adult he/she will become. The kind of environment, people, and situations that this child has grown up in is deeply connected with the way he/she will act, respond, and live their adult life.

A child is born pure and has unlimited potential. This child, however, has certain physical and emotional needs to be fulfilled at every stage of his/her development. Most parents are not aware of these needs as there is hardly any education about these developmental needs. They also tend to bring up their children exactly the way they were brought up or try doing exactly the opposite. Because of these needs not being met, there is a void that we all carry and keep looking for it to be met by Love from outside, Recognition and Achievements. This is also why we hear that a man is looking for his mother in the wife and a woman is looking for a father in the husband. While we may achieve a lot in the world and our partner may love us, nothing fills this bottomless pit, till we turn towards this and choose to fill it ourselves. This void and beliefs formed very early in childhood are where the roots of many of the issues we face in adulthood lie. We can change our present and future by being the parent to this inner child - our unconscious.


With this two-day workshop, let Dr. Preeti & Ganesh take you back step by step to your childhood through certain processes and techniques that help you connect to your inner child so that you can heal the wounds and bring back the LOVE, CREATIVITY, WONDER, JOY that you lose touch with because of these wounds. You are then ready to face the world with the adult that you were meant to be - loving, playful, energetic, and full of compassion.

Who are your guides?

Dr. Preeti and Ganesh Kohli are trained facilitators in the field of Inner Child work by world-renowned masters, Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi GV of Proposed Quantum Life University, Hyderabad. Having benefitted from this therapy immensely, Preeti & Ganesh are someone who have experienced magic in their lives with this therapy. They have also conducted several workshops in the past and have helped transform a thousand lives by helping them reconnect and bond with their inner child.

Investment: Rs. 10,000 | Early bird discounted cost: Rs. 9,000 (until 3rd July 2020). The cost includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee, and workshop material for two days.

To register, call: Vidhi: +91 9167255438

Note: This workshop is designed by Dr. Newton Kondaveti & Dr. Lakshmi GV of Life Foundation, Hyderabad and conducted in association with The Aha Movement. This workshop will be delivered in English. For more information, visit

Event Coordinator: Vidhi

who can participate

  • Young Adults
  • Working Professionals
  • Homemakers
  • Retired Individuals

expected outcome

  • Learn to love yourself completely 1
  • Increase your self-confidence by knowing your worth and trusting your capabilities 2
  • Learn to deal and manage your emotions in a mature way 3
  • Handle all your relationships with ease 4
  • Heal the relationship with your parents/closed ones 5
  • Shun the inner critic and be empathetic towards self & others 6
  • Free yourself from any fears whose roots are in childhood 7
  • Let go of any limiting beliefs that were formed during childhood 8
  • Learn to forgive and move on9

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