Started in December 2016, the movement is born out of the experiences of several individuals belonging to different backgrounds, who have brought positive shifts in their lives through applied spiritual practices.

What do we want to do?

The movement wants to channel all its efforts into empowering individuals to experience every life situation from a place of inner quietude and wisdom, thereby inviting peace, joy, and harmony.


At Aha, we believe one can attain holistic well-being by raising one’s consciousness; our offerings consisting of coaching, consulting, programs and customised workshops are hence directed towards facilitating the same.

expected outcome

  • experience inner peace
    and outer abundance 1
  • effortless
    living 2
  • enhanced
    creativity 3
  • author your
    own future 4
  • intuitive
    and mindful 5
  • lead positive impact
    in the society 6

our team

The team is an eclectic mix of professionals with over 55 years of entrepreneurial, corporate, communications, medical and healing experience, combined. In addition, they are advised by business leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors and therapists, who provide guidance through skill-based volunteering.

ganesh kohli

As a chief mentor, founder and a life coach, Ganesh provides the basis for sound business advice to companies and entrepreneurs at The Aha Movement, resulting from his entrepreneurial and consulting experience spread over 20 countries. A serial entrepreneur who has founded several successful enterprises over the last 20 years, Ganesh is passionate about teaching and education. He has visited over 450 universities and engaged with over 800 high schools around the world. He owes his success to meditation practices which he started in 2006. Ganesh can be reached at

Dr. Preeti Kohli

As a director and life coach at Aha, Dr. Preeti facilitates several workshops such as Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Sacred Breath, Conscious Parenting and I am Joy for The Aha Movement. She is also a consulting homeopathic physician for over 15 years and was introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a very young age. Her passion for healing through an understanding of one’s mind-body-spirit has led her to bridge the gap between medication and meditation. Through her knowledge and practices, she has healed over a 1000 patients. Dr. Preeti can be reached at

Priya Khurana

As a life coach at Aha, Priya helps in designing and facilitating Aha's self-empowerment workshops and programs. By education, Priya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. She has over 15 years of IT corporate training and management experience and has worked with esteemed organisations like J. P Morgan, Infosys Ltd., Mastek Ltd., and has lived and worked in 5 countries. She has learnt various therapies, transformation techniques and meditative practices from various masters across the world over the past 20 years. At The Aha Movement, Priya has chosen to further integrate her practical corporate experience with her metaphysical wisdom to offer empowering and transformative practical techniques and programs to create more 'Aha' in people's lives. Priya can be reached at

Prathamesh Paingankar

As a Marketing & Communications Associate at Aha, Prathamesh helps in developing and managing the marketing and communications strategy, content and other initiatives. He is a thinker, team player and an active listener. In the past, he has worked with some of the leading advertising and branding agencies. Prathamesh holds a Master’s degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications from Leeds University Business School, UK. Being a friendly personality, he is an avid traveller, a foodie and pet lover. At Aha, he is also on a journey to explore himself through meditation and other spiritual practices. Prathamesh can be reached at

our testimonials

  • “The facilitators were divine beings who are helping people in a big way. They conduct workshops (and individual sessions) which are a perfect blend of scientific and spiritual healing processes. We (my wife and I) have participated in multiple workshops like Inner Child Healing, Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing and have felt a huge difference in our outlook towards life. We also feel that they unleash a source of energy and strength that stays within us.”

    - Mr. Sameer Duseja
    Head of Service Operations, Orange 
  • “Dr. Preeti Kohli is a friend, guide, an inspiration and most importantly- a facilitator. I have done extensive breathwork sessions with her. The best thing about her work is that it doesn’t seem like you are doing sessions. Her pre and post session discussions have given me deep insights on my inner self and guidance, to convert weaknesses to strengths. All of this happens with great comfort and ease.”

    - Ms. Sheetal
  • “Thank you for introducing me to the journey of self-acceptance. I went back home from your workshop feeling empowered, happy and content. Family Constellation is a great way to understand the importance of family in life. So many unknown paths have now opened up.”

    - Ms. Asawari
    Working individual, Pune  
  • “It was one of the most beautiful workshops I have attended in a long time. The learning was profound and very touching. My favourite learning is that one always starts afresh. The wisdom is a continuous process and every day is a new day. I am already seeing my abilities expand by believing that I come from love and acceptance. Thank you for your love.”

    - Ms. Nandini Nhawle
    Entrepreneur, Bangalore 
  • “I’m very grateful to you for helping me see that Acceptance and Inclusion heal the deepest of hurts and releases us from painful bondage! The Family Constellation Workshop, opened up for me, areas I had disowned about myself and others. It has awakened in me a very deep reverence towards all My Family Tree Members and I’m thankful for being able to connect with each one of them every day!”

    - Ms. G.Lakshmi
  • “As a client or patient, you want a patient ear and an open heart to communicate with. You want to know you are cared for and looked after with love and tenderness. In Dr. Preeti Kohli, I have found all of that and more. Her presence, over all aspects of therapy and medicine, has given me the confidence to heal. She has shown me I can heal, no matter what I am dealing with. From homeopathy to voice dialogue or a reiki session, Preeti has been leading me to the best healing experience. With her as my doctor & therapist, I choose not to have that apple a day.”

    - Ms. Pushtiie Shakti
  • “I entered the workshop fragmented, fearful & was aware of the hurt child…I left the workshop happy, healed and whole. I now have the ability to contribute to all my relationships in a loving, vibrant and wholesome way. ”

    - Ms. Sheena Guha
    Access Bar Practitioner, Delhi 
  • “It indeed was a life shaking experience for me personally. I got present to my own belief system and how my fear based decisions were actually manifesting into reality! Amongst many extremely important and vital concepts I also learned to dream fearlessly and declare them through my words. Some of the stories shared were extremely powerful. I am proud to be part of the first batch of the Aha family and I wish all the very best to the entire team of The Aha family. They have improved life of many people and helped in bringing peace and harmony to humankind.”

    - Malay Damania
    Damania & Varaiya, Chartered Accountants - India 
  • “Dr. Preeti is a kind hearted person and very knowledgeable therapist. The healing that comes from experiencing past life memories was an invaluable improvement. Simply making connections between a past life and my current life is something I benefited from the most. There are very few words that can describe how much you helped. ”

    - Ms. Nidhi Vanigota
  • “Thank you for the beautiful learning experience. In spite of the fact that I belong to this Healing World, I feel strongly that my blockages regarding relationships will definitely start flowing. I had lots of resistance as I was running fever throughout. My experience with ancestors brought shivers down my spine. I am indebted to both of you for the experience and learning. I am now healing everyone including myself in my lineage.”

    - Ms. Anuradha
    Healer, Delhi 
  • “Thank you for your support and healing, full of love and understanding. Just a little while ago, I was tired of life and was ready to accept death with open arms. But now I want to live life enthusiastically.”

    - Ms. Madhavi
    Workshop Leader, Pune  
  • “I have known Dr. Preeti for about 3 years now and each time I see her I feel better even before the therapy begins- that's the effect she has as a therapist. She has worked on me multiple times with different therapies and they have always helped me tremendously. What I simply love about her is the amount of time she gives to understand your problems. She is flexible and helps you with therapies that you are comfortable with. She is extremely patient, approachable and understanding. I have to thank her for always helping me out. ”

    - Ms. Shruti Bafna
  • “I attended my first 'Family Constellation and Ancestor Healing' workshop in Pune. The workshop opened up a wonderful world to me for further exploration. At a practical level it made me a more balanced person by making me accept a part of my family that I had blocked out from my conscious thoughts due to separation of my parents early in my life. I express my gratitude to the facilitators for their guidance.”

    - Mr. Rajendra
  • “The two day workshop (1st and 2nd June) of Inner Child Healing with Hitesh and Shubhangi has been one of the best experiences of my life. Although I had been taking analysis sessions, this was entirely different. There was a warmth in the environment they created. They created all the space to let us speak freely to them and helped us in the best way to know our inner child. I never ever analysed myself and my life this well. This has brought in self-confidence and love for others. Although I still have a long way to go, I am happy to start it with this workshop. ”

    - Ms. Anu Goel
    Teacher, Delhi 
  • “Thank you for the two-day workshop on Inner Child Healing. There are a lot of things that are changing in my perspective towards different people, different situations, and above all the urge to keep my inner child happy at all times.”

    - Ms. Sarabjeet
    Marketing Professional & Healer, Delhi 
  • “The faith in Shubhangi’s words to me breathed life into the very fibre of my being. Thank you, Hitesh, for reassuring me that I can retain my innocence. I will hold onto the words of wisdom imparted in my darkest hour. They mean the world to me.”

    - Ms. Tannya
    Student, Delhi 
  • “Thank you for guiding me and making me comfortable during the session. Found some very interesting revelations. Loved re-discovering myself.”

    - Ms. Nidhi Seth
    Communications Professional, Gurgaon 
  • “I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your compassionate and clinical healing sessions. Only a selfless and loving individual can invest so much time and effort in helping others discover their innermost peace. I benefited greatly from the journey within myself. I thank the facilitator for being a charioteer in my hour of need.”

    - Mr. Deep Ghatak
    Author & Communications Professional, Delhi  
  • “Doctors have the capacity to heal the body, psychologists to guide our minds & healers to connect us with our souls. Dr Preeti is a rare healer who has the gift and expertise to do all three. I was going through a difficult phase in my life due to my separation, and she helped me to come to peace with feminine energy and let go of my guilt. I am grateful for all the Thursday evenings when she welcomed me into her Sangha, to participate in the beautiful, healing energy; as well as to the homeopathic medicines which helped me to recover from stomach ailments and joint issues. ”

    - Aalif Surti
    Ex-CCO, Fox Star Studios 
  • “The Inner child workshop has helped me to realise my emotional baggage. Thanks to Priya and Preeti for the wonderful inner child healing. This workshop has really helped to forgive and unburden my emotional health. And I was very lucky to have such positive people and environment during the sessions.”

    - Simmi Mishra
    Counselor & Life Skills Trainer  
  • “I attended the Inner Child Healing Workshop conducted by Ms Priya and Dr Preeti. Due to life circumstances, negativity had started planting seeds within me. This workshop helped me in my efforts to uproot these plants. After the workshop, I have started tuning my mind to start thinking positive. And this was very evident as my son too commented about my positive approach towards various situations. Attending the workshop has helped in getting some insight on various aspects and changing myself for the better. It was a wonderful experience. ”

    - Mahalaxmi
    Volunteer, The Kanchan Foundation 
  • “The Aha movement has helped me bring inner peace and mindfulness. I have started to enjoy every moment of my life. It’s because of them I know the importance of meditation and I have started practicing it on a daily basis. I wish that Aha reaches out to as many as possible and help them live the life they are meant to.”

    - Vineet Kamath
  • “'Manifest Your Dreams' workshop has changed my life and perspectives in many ways. It has taught me the importance of having a purpose in life and working towards a goal. The workshop explains in detail the magic of our thoughts. It helps you believe in yourself and makes one realize that only we are responsible for everything that happens in our life. The best part of the workshop was the science behind meditation. It explains why meditation is the key to a happy life with scientific analysis. It was a wonderful experience and I would like to recommend this workshop to all the individuals who feel lost in their life or who are looking for a purpose. ”

    - Tanvi Kamdar
    Communications Professional 

reach out to us

Dr. Newton Kondaveti

Founder & Chairman
Quantum Life University

A medical Doctor by profession and an Enlightened Hi-tech Guru by choice, he is on a mission to see everyone become an Enlightened Master and ‘Spiritualize Planet Earth’. Working towards that Vision, he developed many methods of holistic healing that focuses on bringing about inner-awareness, understanding and integration. He formed Life Research Academy in the year 2000 and Quantum Life University in 2010. Another significant step was when he launched The Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR), of which he is the Founder President. He is acknowledged as one of the Pioneers in the field of Past Life Regression. Fondly called the ‘Smiling Buddha’, Dr. Newton’s hallmark is providing an unconditional and loving space for everyone who seeks his guidance.

Dr. Lakshmi G. V.

Quantum Life University

A medical doctor and a passionate advocate of Vegetarianism and Spiritual Parenting, she has been a constant companion of Dr. Newton since 1987, sharing his interest in Meditation, Past Life Regression and alternative healing. She’s ever-smiling, and is the person to go to for direct, practical answers for questions regarding Spiritual Living. She has been a vegetarian, by choice, from the tender age of two. Her Mission is to spread the message of Love, Compassion and Companionship with Animals and has brought out a website and a magazine ‘Voice of the Animals’, to increase awareness about the need for kinship with the Animal and Plant Kingdoms. She is the co-founder of Life Research Academy & Quantum Life University, and is the Vice President of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR).

Sandeep Aggarwal

Of his 25+ years of career, Sandeep has spent 15+ years in the field of Information Technology Enabled Services (BPO/BPM) and 10 years in leading automotive companies.

Sandeep is passionate about starting new businesses and scaling them up to achieve growth across organizations. He is a change agent and enjoys exploring new geographies and managing multi-cultural teams spread across the globe.

Sandeep is self-employed and describes himself as a “Life Evangelist” dividing his time between Philanthropy, Spirituality and managing his investments. Prior to this he was the CEO of GiveIndia and formerly CMO of Serco Global Services (erstwhile Intelenet). He was the part of the founding team at CustomerAsset in 2000.

He has a Management degree in marketing from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute and Engineering degree, from College of Engineering. He has also been a topper Mumbai & Pune Universities respectively.

Sandeep’s interests vary across Astronomy, Star Gazing, Spirituality, Meditation, Practicing Past Life Regression Therapy, Stock market derivatives and Old Hindi songs.

Sandeep’s wife Aruna is a doctor and they have a lovely daughter, Anupama.

Shreans Daga

Steering the diverse range of businesses that come together to make the synonym for strength that the Daga group embodies, from the helm for the past 20 years, Shreans' occupation is that of a visionary whose penchant lies in strategic positioning, goal setting, financial planning, marketing strategy and PR and taking up every odd task required to orchestrate the group towards a state of debt-free business. Shreans has always found a sense of fulfilment from making an occupation out of shouldering the responsibility of a leader. In recent times, he has been channeling most of his energies in assisting the acquisition of one of the companies, (Sanovi Technologies by IBM), followed closely by driving the agro-commodities trading desk.

Shreans' path down the spiritual lane began with a practice of meditation in 1997 and he hasn't looked back ever since. He is the co-founder and vice chairman of Pyramid Valley.

International Bengaluru, Asia's largest meditation pyramid spread over 55 acres.

The marriage of spirituality and science intrigues him to no end. With an extensive research on Quantum Energy Medicine, he eventually created a state of the art therapy centre in Bengaluru. His centre in Mumbai "Awaken" has been operational since 2012. In the past decade, He has facilitated 9 Global Congresses of Spiritual Scientists, where leading global speakers have presented their work in varied fields of spirituality. ‘Thriive’ is his newest brainchild, a company, that he just launched with his wife. He aspires to watch it grow into a leading spiritual techno portal for wellness and alternative health.

Tarun Singhal

Tarun is currently serving as the Director of Business Development at Sopra Steria (India). He is a natural start-up starter, leader with over two decades of experience in the IT, BPO/ITeS and Strategic Outsourcing industry, across Global (Europe, Middle East, Indian and APAC) markets.

Tarun is good at building and sustaining relationships, and possess the agility to move in a competitive market with a rare combination of product solution and services, consulting & general management operations experience. He looks to grow a business profitably and in good team spirit. He is always open to learn from his peers, team and seniors alike.

Tarun has relentless energy to succeed in the most difficult circumstances and make things happen in a strategically economically viable model. Having worked across the globe, Tarun has a warm and friendly attitude with a personal penchant for hospitality and logistics, true to the Indian tradition of ‘ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH’.

Tarun has fostered good relationships in the industry and has a strong influencing power in various sectors, especially the government sector (Police, Foreign affairs and Municipal Corporations). He also has senior level connections with major Indian conglomerates, Hospitality services operators and Telecom services companies.

Tarun holds a combination of degrees in the fields of Arts, Science, Engineering and Management, across Indian, British, American and ASEAN institutions under his belt.

In his personal time, Tarun serves on the board of the British Business Group, Delhi and works closely with CXOs from major UK enterprises across Healthcare, Insurance, Energy and Professional services.